SAP Master Data / MDM Specialists

SAP Master Data / MDM
Data management is one of the greatest obsessions with the world today. For an industry like IT, which thrives on the size of the data and speed at which it could be made available to all users, having a fail-proof Data Management system is extremely crucial. 
MDM is a collection of all activities related to data management like data consolidation, cleaning, mapping, merging with pre-existing data and making the data accessible & consistent across various systems. The biggest goal of MDM is also to minimize the requirement for multiple-point data updating.
R3 Services offers SAP MDM Consulting Services from data modeling to catalog management.
Highlights of R3 Services' Capabilities:

·       Making Master Data accessible to all platforms and users.

·       Cleansing, consolidating and harmonizing the already existing data and publishing APIs.

·       Integrating MDM with SAP Business Intelligence SAP BI.

·       Post-installation support and developments.

·       Successfully implemented all functionalities of SAP MDM with R/3 APIs, R/3 Generic Extractors, R/3 Pricing Extractors with real time updates, Quick System Landscape design with Data Retention and Disaster Recovery mechanism.

·       With our experience in SAP MDM, we developed ASAP Implementation templates for quick, robust, maintainable, Data loads and Landscape designs.

·       Integrating SAP MDM through SAP XI / PI Adapters.

·       SAP EP and other portal integrations.